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Kim Jarrett - Official Blog

posts from Toronto singer/songwriter and musician, Kim Jarrett
Kim Jarrett - Official Blog
  1. Beautiful Salt – Between Us – Live Performance Video!
    Hi folks! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged. I *almost* feel bad about that, but I’ve been enjoying spending time with people offline instead. Quite a concept to actually spend physical time with people in their physical presence! Scrolling social media and reading blogs can make it seem like you just saw someone since […]
  2. Songwriting Video Demo – March 2015 – “Between Us” – Elana Harte & Kim Jarrett
    Yay! After spending the late fall and winter recording and promoting our holiday song, “Christmas Every Day”, Elana Harte and I wrote a new song last Sunday night. Hope you enjoy, “Between Us”. So much fun. :) Kim xo gigs – cds – mp3s – news – blog  Filed under: Kim Jarrett - General […]

Kim Jarrett - How Long - Unplugged with Mike Costantino

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