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Kim Jarrett - Official Blog

posts from Toronto singer/songwriter and musician, Kim Jarrett
Kim Jarrett - Official Blog
  1. Songwriting Video Demo – March 2015 – “Between Us” – Elana Harte & Kim Jarrett
    Yay! After spending the late fall and winter recording and promoting our holiday song, “Christmas Every Day”, Elana Harte and I wrote a new song last Sunday night. Hope you enjoy, “Between Us”. So much fun. :) Kim xo gigs – cds – mp3s – news – blog  Filed under: Kim Jarrett - General […]
  2. 2014: Looking Back with Thanks
    It’s always nice to look back over a slice of time and not only count your blessings, but give yourself a little credit for some accomplishments. Especially when you’re sort of new at that, and more accustomed to beating yourself up. For instance, old me would have been quick to call the Christmas Every Day: […]

Kim Jarrett - How Long - Unplugged with Mike Costantino

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